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Friday, April 07, 2006

Wasabi Funyuns, the Rematch!

When I get my previous blog posts transferred over, I'm sure that this will make more sense, but I'll say that since I tried Wasabi Funyuns in Texas in October, I've developed a serious love for anything Wasabi.

My cousin Paul (dear soul that he is!) sent me a bunch of rice crackers because I can't find them around here (WAAAHHHHH!!!!!), and he can get them where he lives. Oh, I really enjoyed them!!! Heaven, I was definitely in Heaven. :D

He had to take a trip to Texas this week, and being intrigued by my previous blog about Wasabi Funyuns (which aren't available ANYWHERE east of the Mississippi River that I know of!), found some and tried them out. And he's sending me some bags of them. Yay! My hero all over again!!!

Only one problem though... How will I keep a tight reign on the temptation to eat them all at once??? I've heard a horrible rumor that Frito-Lay has stopped making them - and they didn't even give the whole country a chance to try them! WAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Not fair!!!!


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