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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hehehehe... new T-shirt!

I just came back from visiting my Dad (and yes, it IS 2 am....) and he gave me a T-shirt that came with his new computer....

It's a black one that says "Geek Squad". LOL I can't believe nobody else in my family wanted it. I'm loving it!!!

My sister has been calling me a geek ever since she first heard the word. It used to hurt my feelings, but now I kinda like it. I think it means that they think I'm smart. hehehe

After all, I'm the geek that she taught to wallpaper a couple of weeks ago... and wound up outpacing her immediately, 2 sheets to her one. LOL

I'm also the geek that painted a significant part of her new house instead of resting during my spring break. I got ONE day to rest, while the rest of the world got 2 weeks. Is it any wonder I'm so worn out lately? I didn't have time to do the stuff I really needed to do - get my hair cut and colored (I'm 35 and my hair is 50% silver, naturally), get the oil changed in my car, organize things in my own house, buy a new washer, wash my backlog of laundry, get my eyes checked (only a year overdue for the last exam, and I'm still wearing the same pair of disposable contacts that I've had in for the last 4 months... you're only supposed to wear them for a week!), paint in MY house....

Deadlines I can't meet, end of the school year approaching, state tests in 2 weeks, family crisis, students getting some serious 8th-grade-itis and bad attitudes of "school's almost out and I'm not going to behave" (oh yes they are!), parents screaming at me that I should leave all discipline of their kid to THEM at home - when their kid is a monster at school and wrecking most of our (not just my) classes.

Sorry, I'm NOT going to let whatever he does just sliiiiiide until he gets home and then see if his parents will do something to help me with running my class. It isn't their business to decide whether or not I am allowed to control my classroom environment, and my boss DID tell me I was NEVER to put up with any kid talking back to me, and ESPECIALLY not yelling back at me. They've never offered to help me before, so why do these parents think I'm going to let them tell me how to do my job now? Especially when they don't even know what they are talking about. Here's something said, as if I was supposed to be intimidated, "Well, I have a bachelor's degree in engineering...." blah blah blah... What would he have done if I'd come right back at him with "WELL, *I* have a MASTER'S degree in education , and nearly 15 years of practical experience with children this age..."

Oooh. I guess I'm getting angry about this again.

But tell me, who's more qualified to know how to do my job? Him or me? These people were angry that they couldn't get me alone in a room and threaten me, and that their kid's other teachers and the assistant principal were there as well to confirm that the kid acted just as badly around them. In fact, they kept saying that they wanted to talk to me alone, and they didn't really want the other people there. If they'd tried to get me alone and been anything but very nice and polite, I would have walked off and not put up with it.

Sorry, we don't allow that sort of intimidation attempt to go on. We like to keep things on the level. Besides, these people don't understand that the nice, quiet, calm me that didn't say much after they started screaming unfounded insults at me, isn't the true angry me that lurks under the surface and might come out some day if I feel cornered or threatened. I think that some people honestly believe that teachers are somehow required to put up with abuse from children and their parents. I don't think they would accept it if I started to harass *them*, so it wouldn't be a good idea for them to try it with me.

I never say anything to indicate how angry I am about anything when I'm at work. I'm very quiet. I wouldn't want to say hurtful things to another person, which of course, other people have no qualms about doing to me. (The guilt would eat me alive.) I feel that I'm a pretty well-controlled person, even though I actually have a lot more of a burden on my soul than your average person does, only a couple of other people know about it, and they don't know all of the bad stuff that's happened to me. (Even family doesn't need to know everything in your life that's hurt you, right?) Most likely, I'll keep the whole story to myself until the day I die, and this ulcer will keep getting worse.

I suspect that guy that I like is pretty relieved that I've stopped telling him everything that's on my mind. LOL I've figured out by now that though yes, I love him, I'm positive he doesn't feel the same about me. I expected that; it's the usual response. And I haven't exactly had a reason to think that he really does have any feelings for me.... obviously it was just a case of wishful thinking (and at least I wasn't under some goofy illusion). I would hate to tell him and have him confirm it verbally, though. But I know it would take too much effort to have a real relationship with me.

Anyway, I have a kitchen to start getting ready for painting. The entire thing is varnished knotty pine. Ick. It's going to take me the rest of my natural life, but at least it will be something to do while I'm home alone. :)

And I do have that cool new T-Shirt. :D That has to be the absolute high point of my weekend.


  • At Sunday, April 09, 2006, Blogger Sue Jones said…

    Val, if his parents wanted to intimidate you is it any wonder that this child is like that?
    I had a teacher ring me the other day about my son and boy did he cop it when he got home. The thing is that the main problem is his friend and my son just goes along with it all. When I spoke to my son later and asked if the teacher rang the other mother, he said yes. When I asked what had happened with the other boy, my son told me that his mother refuses to let another person tell her how to raise her child!
    Well, I'm not one of those mothers and I think my son is learning that. But mothers (and parents like the ones you encountered) make it really hard for those of us who actually care what sort of people are children are turning into.

    btw re: the man you love..... let it go Val. If he really feels something for you, he will stick around. I've been in the position of loving from afar and it really sucks big time. There is someone out there for you hon. I know there is. I wish he'd hurry up and find you.


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