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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

American Pride Stars And Stripes Alphabet

American Pride Stars And Stripes Alphabet

Show your patriotic spirit with the American Pride Stars and Stripes Alphabet!
This complete alphabet has dimensional white stars on a field of blue, on top of red and white stripes, all waving just like a flag in the wind!
The letters are all dimensional and enameled metal in appearance.

Set Contains:

Letters A – Z,
Numbers 0-9,
Punctuation Marks ? ! , . -

All files are separate for maximum program compatibility, and no external shadowing has been applied. Characters appear exactly as they do in the preview picture.

Usage suggestion: I printed these letters at 3 inches, ran them through my Xyron to laminate the front and make the back sticky, and created a neat looking farewell sign for a colleague whose National Guard unit was leaving for Iraq.

Thanks, and have fun!


  • At Friday, July 04, 2008, Blogger witsuebea said…

    Hi Valarie, love the alpha's.
    I started reading your blog some time ago back in mid 2007 then have missed just 4 months or so this year. Its a good job really because I can easily get lost reading your blog, its just like reading a funny book. (then I remember that its a real person and I stop laughing.)
    I thought only myself could get into a mess with siblings and other family "forgetting" to help out when they had said they would.It took me 2 years to do my kitchen in between helping my sisters with their houses.
    Anyway this is the first time I have looked at your work and I am so very impressed, both with the school stuff and your Digi work.
    I think its about time I started to do a blog of my own.
    time to go , so leaving you hugs n stuff respect and regards.


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