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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Spam - here we go again...

Again with the spam - what is wrong with you people??? Do you honestly think that you have the right to add your stupid stuff to our personal comment sections?

And do you honestly think that anyone is interested enough in what you're selling to really go to these sites you're illegally advertising?

Well, if you were anything other than a cowardly fool, you'd use your real name instead of an anonymous posting and you'd provide your personal email so that we could see YOU in court paying millions of dollars for your spamming. But no, you're too chicken.

So if you want to comment on my blog, you're going to have to be a registered user. And if I don't like what you say, your comment will never see the light of day. How do ya like them apples, as my grandmother used to say?

Somehow, I'll bet that this T-shirt I made would perfectly describe you. So far, everybody that has seen me wear it has absolutely loved it. :) It was inspired by an ex- uh... I guess you'd call him an ex-boyfriend, but he never really acted like much of a boyfriend.

Anyway, if you have the urge to hang out with Hannibal Lecter like I sometimes do (though I have to admit the whole cannibalism thing really does gross me out, and at times just the regular meat on my plate has been in a condition that made me either want to hurl or become a vegetarian - I'd rather go hungry), please, be my guest and buy a T-shirt or any of the other stuff like boxers, mugs, coasters, journals, aprons, and pillows that have this sentiment on them. Wouldn't bother me a bit, since I've spent tons of hours working on all of my designs, and I've got to pay for the store space somehow anyway!

Get my psychotic T-shirts and other stuff here!

So far, I think someone has bought a mug. :D But it said, "Whatever!" LOL And there was the T-shirt with the guy going "nyah nyah" and saying Whatever! that my sister commissioned, but that was just a gift.

I actually started the store because lots of the other teachers at the school where I teach have been telling me for years that if I'll make T-shirts or sweatshirts with our school name or mascot on them, they'll buy them. So that's why you see lots of Trojan stuff there, and why you're going to see lots more Trojan stuff too. heheeh Heck, *I* never can find any Trojan stuff to wear for school spirit!!! Might as well make my own, right?


  • At Sunday, April 09, 2006, Blogger Sue Jones said…

    Val, I love the 'whatever' T-shirts. They would look perfect on my almost 21 year old.
    That's been her catchphrase for too many years! LOL


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