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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ever sprayed Round-Up on your entire yard?

Well, I did last Saturday. LOL I was upset that I have literally knee-high weeds of every variety in my yard, and no actual grass. (Opportunistic little monsters.) I called my dad to ask him what kind of chemical (and I hate all the environmentally unsound stuff, but vinegar wouldn't cut it for my entire yard of weeds) to spray, and he sleepily answered "Round-Up." On the whole yard?!?!? Yep, the whole thing. The Bermuda grass is still dormant, so I'd only be killing weeds anyway.

Now, I know that the commercials show the sprayed weeds yellowing, wilting, and dying within 24 hours of application, but it just doesn't happen that way in real life. It's been 8 days, and I'm just now beginning to see that stuff really dying off. I THINK it might have worked.

I'm also pretty positive that I missed lots of places in my quest to cover every square inch of the front yard, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. Every dead weed helps. I'll get them later, mwaa haaa haa.

I'm SURE my neighbors hate me because they've all mowed their yards at least twice by now, and I haven't mowed mine once yet. But let's look at the facts: They either have two adults in the house, and one does the yard mowing while the other takes care of all the other stuff like cooking and cleaning...., or they have a teenager who has to do the mowing, or they don't work (retired) so they have all the time in the world to mow anyway. At my house, it's just me doing ALL of the work, plus working full time to the tune of about 50 hours a week. I can't even pay my nephew to mow mine anymore, and I gladly WOULD, but he seems to think that he should be getting paid $20-$25 for a 45 minute mowing job, when I supply the gas and the mower. Holy cow, I'm a teacher and I don't make that much an hour!!!

And I've got a bone to pick with my neighbors anyway. If they'd kill the weeds in their yards, I could kill them in my yard, and we'd only have minor maintenance to do. But noooo.. they won't do anything about dandelions or anything else, and if one person has dandelions, EVERY yard has dandelions. Might as well start picking the flowers and making some nasty-tasting wine from them.

IF the Round-Up really did work and my yard really is 90% weeds, I'm gonna have big dead patches in the yard. LOL Well, there's always sod! It's not like I don't have a big landscaping job ahead of me anyway... I need shrubs and I've got a flowerbed to revitalize... The one that my sister and I created a couple of years ago is overgrown and needs to be redug now. (and I'm so looking forward to pulling out all that plastic and seeing just how much grass and Creeping Charlie are tangled into it...)

What are the chances of my being able to take a week to make that flowerbed nice again? Would the villagers appear at my door with pitchforks, spears, and torches if I didn't get it finished in one day's time?


  • At Sunday, April 09, 2006, Blogger Sue Jones said…

    You so make me laugh Val.
    The problem with killing off stuff and leaving dead patches is that weeds love to move into dead patches.
    I'm no horticulturist but have you tried sprinkling lawn seed through your yard and then waiting to see if the grass will choke out the weeds?
    I'm pretty useless at it all (Murry always says I got him under false pretences), because I now leave anything outside these four walls up to him to deal with.
    Good luck with the flowerbed though.


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