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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Just completed 5 years of work :D

Let me start by saying, if I wanted to start an onion farm, or maybe a "Scary Giant Foot-Long Worm" Farm, I'd be all set. Apparently, snakes and worms love my yard so much they grow to ridiculous sizes. And yes, I saw a snake today. He was in my lavender. Eek. Now I don't want to weed my lavender, because he was two feet long.

Hey Paul, are ya jealous of my SNAKES??? Didn't think so! LOL

I was out in the front yard transplanting little hostas under the pear tree this afternoon, because I finally started feeling a little better. I started off the day feeling pretty crummy though. I didn't eat much when I went out to lunch with my family after church.

I noticed that the Round-Up I sprayed a couple of weeks ago DID kill tons of stuff in the side yard... Even some creeping charlie that ran directly into my neighbor's yard. I know I didn't get any spray over into her yard that far. She's probably mad at me... (And I'll apologize, because I only meant to kill stuff in my own yard) But on the brighter side, a nasty weed that was in her yard is dead now. :) If I can get my brother to let me borrow his broadcast-spreader thing, and if I can get Dad to tell me what fertilizer to buy, I'll fertilize my yard, and I'll sprinkle some fertilizer where she's got dead spots too. (I really am embarrassed about that, even though I know she throws every stick that is in her yard right into my yard. How else do you explain the fact that she has tons of sticks one day, none the next, and NO sticks on the curb waiting to be picked up, and the sticks in my yard seem to pile up mysteriously right past her fence?)

So... lemme 'splain about the 5 year task. When I bought this house, I thought it was a much smaller house from the outside, because half of the house was hidden by trees that were planted about 6 inches from it. My goodness, my house was overgrown by a jungle! I mean, shade is nice, but they planted some of the crummiest weedy stuff like privet, and it just wrapped around the wires going to the house and scratched my car as I drove into the carport.

The one good choice in the flowerbed is a fuchsia (all right, I did find matching ones at the store once called "Coral Bells") azalea right by the front door... problem is, it's alone. There's been a stump on the other end of that bed since I moved in, and try as I might, I could never dig it up or pull it out. 5 years in a row, I couldn't get rid of that thing. Today it just popped out of the ground for me. :D Bye bye stump! Hello new shrubs! (I guess the anchoring roots finally rotted away.)

Now I've got to start thinning out my monkey grass (and I've got the TALL kind)... I'm tempted to use it to border my flowerbeds.... anybody have any opinions on that?

In case you're wondering why I've been posting so much lately... I think that I've been abandoned by someone I care a lot about, and I suppose I'm just trying to keep my mind off that and how sick I've been. It's made me pretty sad, but I don't feel like talking about it, since it's a familiar story to me. Rest assured, I don't actually talk this much in person.

I like the cyborg thingee... Kinda cute, huh? Yeah, that's me, getting closer and closer to not feeling anything anymore. Maybe that's the way to go after all. I'll bet things hurt a lot less that way. I found it at


  • At Monday, April 17, 2006, Blogger Sue Jones said…

    Val, sorry to hear that you're not feeling too great about things but on the bright side - your garden sounds like it's going great guns.
    Take care.

  • At Monday, April 17, 2006, Blogger bodhi said…

    your writing is very beautiful. Thanks for the insights.
    word veri is hehejes

  • At Monday, April 17, 2006, Blogger jpp said…

    i did wonder why you disappeared for a couple of days... and then i finally figured that it was because i was immersed in my home PC all weekend and didn't even log on to MSNIM with my laptop.

    good to hear the yard is getting better. about the fertilizer, you can get a spreader for about $25, and scott's turfbuilder is always a good choice. and if you get a scotts spreader, it has numbers on it that correspond to the bag, and it dispenses just what you need.

    my neighbor taught me this one, but i haven't been as successful as he was (i think i only ran the spreader three times though... heheh)

    sounds like you're making progress, and that's a good thing. i finally had the weekend completely to myself and organized and backed up my mp3's.... feels good to have it backed up, as I've been fearing i could lose 200G of music...

    btw, did you ever figure out that black edging for the flowerbeds?


    (and NO i'm not jealous of the snakes... though that might be something my cat would enjoy, you can keep 'em! ;-) :P )

  • At Monday, April 17, 2006, Blogger Me said…

    No, I haven't really looked into the black plastic yet. But if the monkey grass does its thing, I won't need the plastic anyway. :D


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