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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gardening and Tan in a Tube, part 2!

Well, it's working well enough that after using it for one night, I was asked at work on Monday morning what was different about me. LOL The teacher who asked said that she thought it was something about my makeup or that I look thinner or something. I asked if maybe it might be that I look a bit more tan, and she realized that's what the difference was. Apparently the results are pretty natural looking.

Nice tan, no sun, no heat, no risk of skin cancer? No problem here! LOL

Although I'll admit I did mow the yard today (and there WERE big dead patches of crunchy brown weeds, though nowhere near enough to kill it all) and I almost got the whole thing mowed. But in the back yard, which is shadowed most of the day, that tall grass was wet and kept clogging up the mower. You can't ever let it get ahead of you or you have to cut the mower off every 10 feet to unclog it. (Like I'm gonna unclog it with the blade going! NOT!!) Then restart it... Crummy job, lemme tell ya.

I got some big patches finished back there. It should give me enough to start with tomorrow. *sigh* I hate mowing my yard. I also discovered several new ankle-breaker holes while I was mowing, and the old pecan tree stump that I pulverized a couple of years ago has apparently started settling itself into a GIGANTIC hole in the backyard. I think that a couple of shovelfuls of dirt won't fix the problem... At some point this year, I think I'm going to have to get about half a truckload of dirt brought in and fix some places in the yard. It would just make me feel better if I could get the whole thing fairly flat. There are always dips that I can't get the mower to cut well enough.

I think my plan last summer to put hostas under the trees, to choke out the weeds may have been a good one after all. The dogwood tree's hostas have almost all come back up (I had to transplant one new one, and of course, it was the one that was facing the road that left me an empty spot, LOL), and with the rate those things grow in my yard, I think in a couple more weeks they'll be so huge that I won't have to mow under the dogwood tree until next spring. I'm tempted to fertilize the hostas. mwaaaahaaahaaa! nah, they don't really need it. They grow insanely anyway.

The mulch ring under the pear tree was all but choked out by creeping charlie, and I spent about an hour on my hands and knees laboriously pulling it all out by the roots. (Until I completely lost the grip in my hands, and then I had to quit. Carpal tunnel syndrome, anyone?) It was tangled into the pine needles, so I was left with bare black soil showing. Obviously, the rotting pine needles and newspaper underneath helped a whole lot there. Hmm.. Wonder if I can transplant some more hostas there now, and if they'll grow well enough before summer gets here that they'll choke out the bad stuff too?

No villagers with pitchforks and torches at my door, but the teenage boy across the street didn't seem to have a problem with sitting on his front steps and just staring at me while I worked. Doesn't he have any idea how rude that is?


  • At Tuesday, April 11, 2006, Blogger jpp said…

    you're just trying to make me sick, aren't you?? black dirt? *sniff* all of mine is orange... about the only thing i can grow reliably is crab grass... heheh...

    sounds like you're making progress though. i remember a couple of years ago when we were discussing the pecan stump. glad that's finally disappearing. sounds like an excellent place to get fertilize soil for your flowers, and then backfill with plain old dirt.

    didn't realize you had a pear tree.... should find someone with a cider press and make some hard cider... mmmm... pear cider is great!

    hmm... now i think i'm gonna have to run away and check that plum wine i started last summer....

  • At Tuesday, April 11, 2006, Blogger Me said…

    Come on now..... you know that black dirt came from purchased bagged garden soil, compost, and manure!!! Luck had nothing to do with it... it was dollars!

  • At Wednesday, April 12, 2006, Blogger Sue Jones said…

    LOL Val! I love reading your blog every day. You make me laugh so much.


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