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Monday, April 10, 2006

Tan in a tube... LOL

Okay... after seeing my sister's fabulous... and very fake tan, I've decided to try it out myself. Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer (and skin darkener) is what I'm using. Actually, I tried some one night last week, and I was surprised by the results. I did have to dig into my first aid kit for gloves though. No way am I gonna have monkey palms just for a tan!

By the next morning, I DID see a difference, though she and Matthew both said that they saw a decided glow before I left their house that night. Yay! I'd rather not have to depend on getting into a tanning bed. Last year I nearly fried myself, and when we went to 6 Flags, the boys kept forgetting NOT to slap Aunt Val on her very sunburned back and shoulders.

Hmm.... Seems like drinking water in the park made me feel really faint that day. (Okay, the truth is that I almost DID faint that day, several times, and I was just too embarrassed to tell my sister and her family the truth about it. It could've been a mild case of heatstroke on top of my sunburn. Seems like nothing made me feel any better other than Sprite, and usually I don't drink sodas at amusement parks because the excessive sugar levels mess with MY blood sugar levels too much and make me feel sick. Normally I bring in a collapsible water bottle and premeasured packets of Gatorade. (I thought of doing that with Gatorade and Crystal Light back in early 2002... long before the Crystal Light company ever did it. Makes me wonder sometimes if they read my post about doing that on the Disney For Less bulletin board that I posted my suggestion for doing it on. Big hint: Yes, all the water fountains in Disney World have warm, swampy water... But the water in the bathroom sinks is cold and very nice tasting.)

On the other hand, I was in the middle of a huge weight loss stretch, but it was happening mainly because I wasn't eating. A bite in the morning, a nibble in the afternoon, nothing after 5 pm... not enough to keep me alive, so it's no wonder I lost weight. But I wasn't hungry, either. I did think it was weird that day at 6 Flags after I'd had that near-fainting spell, when I finally got some more Sprite in me and we came upon that stand selling roasted ears of corn... They all ate off one, and neither of the kids wanted a bite of mine. Maybe as hollow as my cheeks were looking, I just looked like I should eat all of the corn myself. LOL


  • At Monday, April 10, 2006, Blogger jpp said…

    hmm... avoid that greasy, icky feeling that comes with the creams and lotions...

    and make the most out of your blog time... just snag one of these! :-P

    hehehe... -jpp


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