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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Pink Peeps have knocked me out...

I know I said I needed to cut the sugar back out of my diet, but I wanted to try some Peeps before they're all gone tomorrow. I haven't had them since I was little, and I wasn't too impressed by a bunch of marshmallows back then. They were yummy. :) I got the little chicks because I think they're much cuter than the bunnies.

Holy cow, I know they're coated in sugar, (and nicely crunchy on the outside - just the sugar) but I only ate 3 of them and I'm feeling a serious sugar rush. Not a good one, but a hot sweaty feeling like my blood sugar level is about to completely freak out. I don't think I'll be eating any more Peeps tonight, because I'm feeling awfully strange at the moment. (Like I've been drinking, but I promise, I've had NO alcohol... just the Peeps.)

I think I'm gonna go get some Diet Sierra Mist and see if that doesn't cool me down some.


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