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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Wow! 19 days of school left!

I'm sitting here eating my favorite thing in the world... Plain Hershey bar... just letting it melt on my tongue, piece by piece. :D Because it wouldn't be a good thing to just gobble it up. You have to really savor it. MMMMMM (So if anybody out there is ever in need of an idea for a simple "just because" gift for me when you're dropping by, chocolate is always appreciated. LOL)

Personally, I just think that when you put almonds and other stuff in Hershey bars, you're polluting them. I'd rather have plain M&M's, too.

Before anybody thinks about giving me a lecture about it... just remember... chocolate is good for the soul. :) And if you don't believe me, I can tell you that it's the fastest-acting antidepressant I've ever had. LOL Wanna get me happy and influence me to do questionable things? Feed me chocolate!

I can't believe there are only 19 more days of school left in this school year... so close, and yet so far away. Only 4 weeks till the end... and you know what THAT means... only 10 weeks until the start of the next school year. Well, there went MY summer vacation! You know what they say about wishing your life away? I've been preparing for the end of the school year since January - cleaning out my files and drawers, copying off papers to last me till the end of this year and into the beginning of next year... making plans for next year. Organizing things.

The thing is, we'll only have one day at the end of the school year to average grades, fill out permanent records, AND pack up our classrooms for moving out. (They make us do that EVERY year so they can strip and wax the floors.) I got really angry when one of the custodians came into my room and started harassing me about packing the MINUTE the kids left my room and I was trying to grade exams and finish averages. Somehow, I just think getting my kids moved on to the high school is about a million times more important than bowing to his demands. I almost sicced the curriculum coordinator on him. Hey, she told me I could.

I was about to go off on him (and that's really not like me) if he came in and bothered me again. I got my revenge though. Since he wouldn't give me time to clean up, I just loaded EVERYTHING into my tall 4 drawer filing cabinet... and he had to move it out into the hallway about 40 feet away. LOL I told him that if he'd just given me some space and time, I would have had a chance to lighten it, but noooo, he wouldn't stay off my case long enough for me to do anything but cram it full.

Honestly, though, I arranged things so that most of my stuff, textbooks included, didn't leave our team area. Only my big pieces of furniture got moved. I stacked everything else up on the counters and tops of the cabinets in my classroom, and jam packed the computer desks in the team area with tons of other things. It was nice not to have to go down the hall to the book room to move my stuff back in the first couple of days of school.

Last year we had 2 days... This year we have ONE. That's why I started in January.

Yikes, I need to start working on my final exam!

Eek! I should be in bed!

I started priming my kitchen cabinets last night. I've been looking at the can of primer and the painting stuff in my kitchen floor for about 3 weeks now, dreading starting. So I did the only thing I could think of to force myself to commit to the job: I went ahead and started two cabinets. So now I HAVE to finish the rest of the cabinets, or it'll all look awful.

Yes, I'll admit that I played a mind game with myself, against my own procrastination. I feel better now that I've started. hehehe I think I even found the color of buttery yellow paint that I want to paint them: "Mangrove Yellow." Then... the rest of the knotty pine kitchen... Even Dad agreed that though the primer coat currently looks awful (I guess he didn't realize there was only ONE coat at the time!), it had already brightened up the kitchen a whoooole lot. Maybe if I get it all brightened up in there, SOMEONE will remember his promise to help me put in new floors.

Want to know something strange about me? When I was a little girl, I always wanted my bedroom to be painted yellow. I knew it would make me feel more cheerful to be in a bright, sunny room. Yellow made me HAPPY, especially when the sun came up shining right into my bedroom window. Which is, I'm certain, precisely the reason why my stepmother insisted on painting my bedroom gray when I was in high school. Gee, what teenage girl doesn't want a bedroom painted gray, with brown carpet, orange blinds (not my idea - she had NO taste!), and someone else's broken-down furniture and yard sale bedding?

Am I being ungrateful? After all, for the bedroom she frilled up for my dad and herself, she painted the walls pink, and got the plushest mauve carpet you've ever seen. I know it cost more than the rest of the carpet in the house..... She got special carpet for herself... we got something resembling artificial turf.

You know, this is the point in my life at which I have to look back with some serious regrets. And speaking as a nice, responsible teacher who has always been a nice, responsible girl, I have to say that I should have had some rebellious phase along about then and just done what I darn well pleased. I'm convinced that there's nothing that could have been taken away from me. All I was allowed to do was work and go to school, and occasionally go out on a date if it didn't interfere with my work schedule... When I got off work at 9:15, SHE still insisted my curfew was 10 or 10:30. (For pete's sake... you couldn't even go to a movie in that length of time!)

And for the record... I participate in charitable things because I want to... not because someone sends me an email at work and tells me they want me to cook dinner for someone else's family come Thursday. If I'd wanted to do that, I'd have signed up when they asked for volunteers. Cooking dinner for someone else's family will cost me more than my entire week's grocery bill. I'm getting darn sick and tired of the married people trying to tell me what to do. I felt like responding back and saying to this very rude person, "You've got a mortgage and all of the same bills that I do, I'm sure, but I'll bet your HUSBAND is a big help in paying for all of that. Consider that I have to pay all of my bills myself, and I don't have the luxury of having someone pay them for me." Good grief, most nights *I* don't eat dinner! Who is this woman to think that she can just tell me to cook dinner for someone else.

I'm sorry the other lady is incapacitated, but you know, her family is NOT, and I think it's a bit excessive to think that we should all be providing all the meals for them from now until some undetermined point in the future. It's been going on for over 2 months now already. Personally, I just can't afford to support someone else's family when I'm doing all I can to support myself.

(And by the way, the orchestrator of this whole thing is the same one who passed the hat around for something she wanted to take credit for, and when she didn't like the totals, sent her students around demanding more money because she didn't feel that we'd been generous enough. I wasn't going to be generous TWICE to the same family - knowing that insurance had already paid all of their bills.)

I'm also getting tired of getting invitations to baby and bridal showers for total strangers. I'd feel uncomfortable going to a shower for a person that I don't even know, so why am I expected to stay home but send a gift, again to someone who doesn't know me from Adam? If I ever get married or have a baby, are these strangers going to show up at showers for me? Of course not. LOL I'd be embarrassed to know that someone hosting a shower for me was sending gift requests to people I didn't even know! That takes a lot of nerve, don't you think?

All right, enough griping... I guess I just miss my cute fella. *sigh* I fall in love with the most inappropriate guys.... they never love me back. Figures.


  • At Tuesday, May 02, 2006, Blogger jpp said…

    ahhh, so u ARE alive...

    i guess that u were saving up for this one. that's one of the reasons i'm afraid to get a blog going...

    my big problem is that if i blogged 10% of what i thought about, i wouldn't have enough time to type it all... DOH!

    anyways, only 4 more weeks... just 4 more... i think i can... i think i can... i think i can......


  • At Wednesday, May 03, 2006, Blogger Sue Jones said…

    Val, I don't understand people that make you contribute things to people you don't know. Stand firm if that is not what you want to do. My mother used to always say that 'Charity begins at home and we need some charity too'.
    Look after yourself.


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